“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” At GeoModes, we live by this statement.

Geosteering is complex enough without speaking about it in a complicated way.  That is why we offer our clients simple and clear explanations by breaking down the geosteering decision-making process to the most crucial question: “to steer up or to steer down?”

In this first ever comprehensive technical guide, this question is easily answered as the author takes the reader through the geosteering decision-making process step by step.

The book focuses on three main areas: planning horizontal wells, geosteering methods and steering instructions, allowing the next generation of industry talent to learn the unique skill of geosteering horizontal wells in half the time of the traditional learning process.

This geosteering compendium is an unique position because such content has never been published before. It is now available to the entire industry. Everything you need to know to answer the “steer up or down” question is here.

JEREMY (MAR 27, 2019)

A great read if you are wanting to understand how to be a Operation Geologist/ Geosteering geologist

THOMAS (JAN 14, 2019)

I would recommend drilling engineers involved with long horizontal drilling to read this book too.

ARTEM (APR 27, 2019)

I ordered your book because I’m fascinated with geosteering and am thinking of entering the field with a friend of mine who is a petrophysicist. The book is great! Still reading but will write a review soon. You did a great job. The simplicity and thoroughness of thought is impressive

VANESSA (FEB 25, 2019)

You have taken the complex and explained it in clear language so even non-industry readers can understand. Well done!