“There’s no point beating a dead horse.”

If you operate within an organisation that is not efficient or effective (meaning: you are riding a dead horse), your individual geosteering skills will never be fully utilised.

Without optimal processes and an adequate organisational base for your steering expertise, your skills will be limited by the organisational processes, lost in communication noise and ultimately not properly applied and wasted. That is why at GeoModes we believe the team’s organisational set up is equally important as the actual geosteering skills.

It is never too late to replace the horse!

Virtual Teams is an organisational and process optimisation concept developed by GeoModes that allows teams to fully utilise your internal geosteering expertise. Through deep workflow, dataflow analysis and through the application of Virtual Teams principles we can help to establish superior performance of geosteering teams when delivering on project objectives.

Areas for performance improvement include:

  • Well placement accuracy
    Improving effectiveness of your geosteering process, increasing accuracy of the well placement and subsequently enhancing well productivity.
  • Cost efficiency
    Executing decisions faster and more efficiently which in turn will result in a faster geosteering process, shorter drill time and lower cost per well.
  • Team productivity, motivation and satisfaction levels
    Properly assigning roles and responsibilities, re-establishing clear communication lines and transparent decision-making processes will result in higher employee productivity, motivation and satisfaction levels.

Find out whether your organisational set up is optimal for delivering superior geosteering results and how it can be improved. Apply the Virtual Teams principle and boost your team performance.