Agile Well Delivery Process

Drilling wells with improved safety and performance while reducing cost

The application of SCRUM framework for end-to-end well delivery will transform the process making it simple, resourceful and most importantly fully adaptable to the ever-changing subsurface environment. This flexibility combined with iterative, collaborative and transparent working practices, common to the Agile decision-making process, will allow the entire cross-functional well delivery team to respond and make informed decisions faster and more accurately than is achievable using any other approach.

Oil & gas operators have largely held back from the ongoing Agile revolution when many other industries are already implementing Agile operating models at scale. This lack of movement is not because of the Agile potential or unclear benefits. The reluctance to scale Agile comes instead from the fear of compromising safety, technical quality, and the management of risk.

Organisations are right to be cautious. A coding error at a software company may increase costs or delay development, but the thought of an oil spill or exposure to a serious human harm should lead any sensible leader to think twice about profound operating-model innovations.

But Agile is no longer an unproven concept. Done correctly, it could significantly reduce risk and improve the decision-making process.

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