Technical Bidding and Tendering GeoModes course
code: L14

Technical Bidding and Tendering

format: Virtual course
duration: 3 days
level: Intermediate
accreditation: CPD
participants: 10




The exploration for, and production of, petroleum resources commences with the solicitation, evaluation and award of exclusive rights to a designated geographic area or geologic zone. A bidding round for petroleum exploration is a technical as well as a commercial process. The proposed work program in terms of seismic acquisition and exploration drilling is mainstay of the technical considerations. Other technical considerations include the availability of existing seismic data, well data for previous drilling programs, discoveries in adjacent blocks, and relinquishment obligations. Commercial elements include the budget for the exploration programme and the fiscal terms that would apply should a discovery result in production.

The course is designed for:

  • Executives managing bidding teams
  • Commercial managers
  • Technical evaluation staff
  • Contracts managers and executives
  • Purchasing and procurement managers and executives
  • Anyone participating in the petroleum bidding rounds

Course objectives

During the workshop, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to plan and participate in a bidding round for an exploration block from the standpoint of both the entity representing the Host Government (ministry, commission or NOC) as well as the exploration company. Specific attention is given to the design and documentation of the bidding round as well as the criteria for evaluation of bids. Participants are taken through specific reviews to demonstrate the application of the material covered in the topical presentation.

Day 1


  • Global Market for Exploration and Competition for Investment
  • Host Government Policy and Strategy
  • Role of National Oil Company
  • Grant of Exclusivity

Commercial & Legal Arrangements

  • Form of Grant (Concessions, Leases, Risk-Service / Production Sharing Contracts)
  • Administration (Ministry, Commission, National Oil Company)
  • Formation of Joint Venture
  • Import and Re-export of Equipment
  • Visas for Foreign Nationals

Design of Bidding Rounds

  • Identification & Size of Exploration Blocks – Onshore v Offshore
  • Geologic Zones
  • Fiscal System
  • Length of Exploration Phase in License or Concession

Review: Sample Bidding Round Notification


Day 2

Scheduling Bid Round

  • Seasonal Limitation
  • On-going work programmes in adjacent blocks
  • Regional Seismic Surveys
  • Competing Tenders
  • Disputed Areas

Bid Package

  • Notice of Tender
  • Maps & Coordinates
  • Single or Multiple Blocks
  • Data Package / Data Room
  • Relinquishment Policy
  • Bid Form
  • Criteria for Evaluation of Bids
  • Form of Licence or Contract
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Bid Guarantee


  • Publication in Trade Press
  • Sponsor’s Website
  • Road Shows
  • Direct Invitation
  • Registration of Interest

Qualification of Bidders

  • Pre-qualification
  • Technical Experience
  • Financial Capability

Exercise: Review of Sample Bid Package


Day 3

Bid Evaluation

  • Work Program: Seismic Data Acquisition, Mandatory & Optional Wells
  • Ownership & Retention of Geologic Data
  • Drill-or-Drop Option
  • Fiscal Terms

Exercise: Evaluation of Competing Tenders


  • Notification of Award
  • Negotiation of License, Concession or Production Sharing Agreement
  • Execution Ceremony


  • Incorporation & Taxation of Contractor
  • Joint Venture Agreement with National Oil Company
  • Performance Bond
  • Establishment of Supply Base
  • Environmental & Community Impact Assessments

Exercise: Description of Mandatory Work Program

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Technical Bidding and Tendering

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