geomechanics of oil and gas wells

Geomechanics of oil and gas wells

The book geomechanics of oil and gas wells presents an integrated approach to studying the geomechanical processes occurring in oil and gas-bearing formations during their development. It discusses the choice of a model that takes into account the basic properties of rocks; experiments to find model parameters; numerical modeling; and direct physical modeling of deformation and filtration processes in reservoir and host rocks. Taking into account features of rock behavior, such as anisotropy of the mechanical properties of rocks during elastoplastic deformation; dependence of permeability on the total stress tensor; the contribution of the filtration flow to the formation stress state; and the influence of tangential as well as normal stresses on the transition to inelastic deformation, it demonstrates how the presented approach allows the practical problems of increasing the productivity of wells, oil recovery, and ensuring the stability of wellbores to be solved.

The book is intended for specialists, including geoengineers working in the oil and gas sector, teachers, graduate students and students, as well as all those interested in scientific and technological developments to meet the enormous demand for raw materials and energy. 

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