Have you recently lost your job or have you been furloughed?

Maybe you have already applied for similar to your last role positions at different companies in the industry but or they have never replied or rejected your applications. As many don’t hire at all because the industry is facing yet another downturn you are not sure where to start. You feel like your options are limited because you don’t want to make a career shift now and start from the bottom in a different role or industry. In the same time you know what you are worth and you just want to get a job.

When looking for a new job you should decide whether you should keep looking for the opportunities within the industry (yes that is possible) or start exploring new alternative options.

If you would like to stay in the industry, you need to find out what these opportunities are (what roles) and where you should apply for them (what companies) in order to be hired.

If you are thinking about exploring job opportunities outside of the oil and gas sector, you are also probably unsure whether your skills and capabilities are sufficient enough to transition to another industry.

Finally, in order to be successful in your job search process, you want to find out what new skills and capabilities you need to obtain in order to be hired regardless of whether you stay in the industry or seek some new opportunities elsewhere.

Despite of your professional situation, you are in the right place. We are here to help you and guide you through the process. The career change and transition plans are well-suited solution to your problems. Apply now and regain your job security.