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Are you limiting yourself to an unsatisfying career path because of fear? You might regret
Starting over is a scary thing.
It can be especially daunting when you’re leaving behind years or even decades of a financially
rewarding career with a clear path to the top for an uncertain future.
It’s easy to get comfortable in a particular profession. Maybe the pay is good, your boss is great,
your co-workers are fun, and the commute isn’t that bad.
Through the years, you get better and better at your job and get more opportunities within this
Before you know it, you’ve spent a large chunk of your life on something that you’re actually not
that passionate about.
If your career doesn’t fulfill you or excite you anymore, it might be time to consider a change.
We spend one-third of our lives at work–that’s over 90,000 hours over a lifetime!
Shouldn’t we make the most of something we spend this much time on?

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