Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Conference

Join the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Conference, Angola 2021

We are pleased and excited to announce that Piotr Przybylo – the CEO of GeoModes – will be a key speaker at the Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Conference in Luanda, Angola in October 2021.

Those who know Piotr will also know that Angola and the Angolan oil & gas industry are close to his heart. Piotr lived and worked in Luanda for over 3 years, and he can’t wait to exchange some professional insights with his Angolan colleagues and friends.

During the conference, Piotr will present how the Angolan oil and gas industry can capture the benefits of agility and implement SCRUM into their well drilling and geosteering operations while improving safety and assurance.

He will also speak about how recent developments in digital management tools and the employment of AI and ML could help to transform the Angolan oil & gas sector through cost-cutting, improving operations efficiency, and releasing the full potential of Angolan oil & gas employees.

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Hopefully, we will see you all there!


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