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triple Pareto law
At GeoModes, we recognise that you cannot learn everything about a subject over the course of a few days. But we have found by applying the triple Pareto law we have a simple solution to enhance your retention of the material and topics covered in our courses.
lateral learning
Have you been so interested something that the hours have passed by without you noticing? That is the feeling we create when you learn with us. Whether you are new to a subject or refreshing your knowledge, you will be fully engaged on our courses with the instructor and other participants from the first day to the last. We know that successful learning and knowledge retention comes from an interest, which we will provide - you only need to bring your passion for learning.
all-to-one learning experience
If you have an interest in a subject, learning feels easy and time passes by without you noticing. We have designed our courses to make them intense, interesting and interactive to replicate this very feeling when you learn with us. Your successful learning experience is our gift to you.

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