Well Navigation Process

Application of traffic light communication system and target changing methods in geosteering

For all geosteering approaches, what is precisely known is limited and sporadically located along the wellbore trajectory. When geosteering is required, there is no substitute for geologic and engineering knowledge of the area being drilled, the critical ability to approximate reality sufficiently well and to make informed directional steering decisions. Therefore, the human aspect of geosteering should never be forgotten or underestimated. Regardless of the most advanced tools used for geosteering, the ultimate and most crucial question whether “to steer up or steer down?» will always be answered only by a geosteerer and executed by a directional driller. 

The relationship between the geosteerer and directional driller is the most crucial and imperative of all for the ultimate success of the geosteering process. 

This article describes in detail the most critical aspects of the communication process between the geosteerer and the directional driller; frequency of the commands, type of information as well as particular circumstances in which the information should be conveyed. 

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