Consulting services

GeoModes Consulting Services

Consulting services to prepare the businesses for future challenges related to new ways of working, digitalization and technological advancement as well as global energy transformation.


project management

We offer rigorous governance across all aspects of projects, programmes, and portfolios: from risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies logs to project plans, status reports, and stakeholder management.

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business analysis

We improve quality and efficiency, reduce risks and costs by analyzing business situations and identifying opportunities to improve business systems and processes. We analyze your current situation and problems and visualize your desired future-state. We then identify, develop and deliver solutions, documenting requirements, and ultimately provide value across the entire organization.

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strategy and business design

We help you to build your strategy around a solid purpose, not false ideas about what your customers want, or what your organisation can deliver. We develop a clear roadmap, consisting of a set of guiding principles and rules, that defines the actions you should take in your business and the things you should prioritize to achieve your desired goals. Through business re-design we create innovative ways to solve your challenges and deliver value for customers. We also assist to structure your organisation via developing an appropriate Operating Model to achieve your organisation’s goals and make it a reality.

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change and transition management

We recognise change is constant and that individuals and organisations suffer from change fatigue. We equally know that enabling people to adopt new ways of working can be a bigger challenge than technology implementation. Which is why we put people at the heart of transformation projects, to make sure they come on the change journey with us, without feeling change is being done to them. Our start point is understanding your organisation’s story, your culture, your environment, your vision, and business strategy, so we can adapt our approach to support your specific needs.

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We help you to embrace change and adjust quickly; create fast feedback loops to encourage fast learning; maintain constant collaboration with deep listening; and apply a human approach to complex environments. We transform your siloed working, process for process sake, and old-style big bang delivery and replace it with bespoke agile tailor-made for your organisation. We bring a set of tools and wide-ranging experiences that help organisations to adopt agile both in teams and at scale. Our approach to embedding agile in organisations involves leadership and team development, as well as enabling agile across digital, non-digital and regulated environments.

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We also coach individuals and organizations at all levels to adopt agile and a change mindset. By setting out the purpose behind the change, defining their role in making it happen, and preparing them with the knowledge they need to adopt new ways of working and experience the benefits. People always need to know what is in it for them.