Methodology for professionals


Many people think that to be perceived as an expert they need to make things complicated and use sophisticated words that no one really understands. They want everyone to listen but not to question them. They assume that the fancier their words are, the cleverer and more important people will think they are. But they couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is more difficult to make the complex simple and present it to others in a simple way. It also requires more knowledge and effort. And because it is simple, nothing can distract you from it – it is free of buzz words and jargon everyone can actually understand what it is being presented – whether or not they have background knowledge of the subject. This is particularly important in a learning environment.

Remember, if someone cannot explain an idea or concept in a simple way, it means they don’t know it well enough. At GeoModes our instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge which we deliver in simple language and in a simple interactive way to enhance the learning experience and understanding for all participants regardless of industry experience. 

individualistic approach


There are many occasions when a lack of individual focus can hinder your learning progress. We believe that the best way to encourage our course participants to learn and speed up the learning process is by helping them grow through an individual lens. 

What does that mean in practice? Although a general framework and content is set at the start of every course, the exact material that is used depends on the pre-course assessment, experience level or particular interest of our participants.

We are also able to adapt courses to focus on any particular subject upon request. If the current full list of courses doesn’t meet your requirements or you are looking for a specific topic not already covered, contact us and we will be more than happy to design a course to meet your needs.We embrace this flexibility each day with an approach that ensures a successful individual learning environment for all. 

we practice the theory

Our experts know that learning in any subject can not come from studying theory alone. 

Our interactive courses have been designed to provide you with a safe space to practice the theory and bring it to life. We will equip you with the all the available tools for any challenge you may face during your day-to-day work. During our courses we create a close to reality simulation of everyday decisions and scenarios a professional must face. With us you will participate in group and individual exercises, experience real-life situations and test yourself at any possible daily challenges. It will be challenging. Prepare to be challenged because that is the only way to learn. 

Learn it, apply the knowledge, test it and repeat. All of this happens during our courses. And that is practice, not theory.