Methodology for universities

triple Pareto law

Pareto law says that 80% of effects come from only 20% of effort and resources. This can be applied to a learning process. Simply speaking, knowing the key 20% of a certain subject will allow you to apply 80% of the knowledge of that subject. And we know what that 20% is on the first level. 

If now on the second level we get the key 20% out of the 20% (from the first level), the mathematical result will be the “very key” 4% of the total. And finally (on the third level), if we draw 20% from the very key 4% of a subject area of the second level, we get 0.8%, which is rounded to 1% of the most crucial subject area. 

By duplicating the method of previous calculations on the other side, we again draw 80% from 64% percent of the second level. This action will result in a figure of about 51.5%, which is rounded to 50%. That’s how the third level relationship arises for us. It indicates that there is 1% of efforts, resources and activities that has a significant impact on as much as 50% of the effectiveness of this effort or in other words the use of knowledge and resources.

All of the above means that if we learn only crucial 1% of a given subject, we will be able to understand and use 50% of the concepts related to that subjects. Easy, isn’t it? 

We know what this 1% is and how to learn it, test it and utilize it. And that is why our courses are more than enough for you to start using the acquired knowledge from day one. 

Let us show you how easy learning with us can be. 

lateral learning

 Have you ever spent hours learning something so interesting that you have not realised the time passing by? That is the feeling we create when you learn with us. We know that you can only be successful when you learn from a passion. And there is no passion in learning something if is not interesting to you. 

A typical learning process is linear and doesn’t not allow you to skip the parts that you know already, or you are simply not curious about. Additionally the linear learning process requires you to learn a previous part before moving to another topic. This may cause you to allocate time to concepts you are not interested in which kills your enjoyment of the learning process, your passion for the subject and creates frustration and boredom.  At GeoModes, we allow you to choose the topics you are most passionate about, we set the scene for you creating a bigger picture and let you play with it. You might also only have time to learn a particular piece of information. We are so flexible that we will let you pick only what you want to learn and spend only as much as time as you want on it as is permissible during a course. 

The lateral methods of learning make you the owner of your learning experience. They empower you to decide the content of what you learn, the order of the topics and how much time you want to spend on a given topic. All under the continuous guidance from our instructors and experts. 

Through lateral learning, we help you obtain full satisfaction from the learning process, something so rare to experience in a traditional linear learning process. It is a bespoke learning experience designed exclusively for you and no one else.

all-to-one learning experience

There was a time when you were taught around a classroom table, listening to the monotonous voice of an instructor, watching a PowerPoint presentation for hours, not being able to verify whether you are actually learning or not. Your idea of learning is probably associated with hard work, effort, memorizing countless frameworks, traditional teaching methods, and a standard classroom setting. These associations create images of rigid structures and negative feelings towards learning rather than positive ones. We will restructure your learning experience and replace any negative feelings you may have with positive ones. 

We know that there are mental and barriers that we need to remove to unblock your acceptance of learning new topics in a non-traditional way. We know that by continuously practising the theory, you will be able to confirm that you are truly learning a new thing. Your confidence in your skillset will grow as will your motivation for further learning. But most importantly, your view of learning will change.  

We have redesigned the way for you to learn. Literally.  

In a modern learning environment with a human-centred process, usage of technology and agile learning inducive spaces, we have created a learning experience that makes you do things differently. We have shifted from traditional teacher-student to all-to-one learning experience combined with an environment that enhances knowledge acquisition and retention. 

And this all happens in a relaxed environment to enhance your enjoyment.