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“If you cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” We live by this. We apply the triple Pareto law which allows you to acquire more knowledge in a shorter period of time. 
Individualistic approach
Everyone is different. We all learn in different ways and our level of knowledge is different. At GeoModes we pay attention to these specific needs and create divergent thinking and lateral learning experience custom made for you.
Practicing theory
In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not. We bring the theory to life. Through a simultaneous teaching-testing process everything you learn can be applied and used from day one.
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Our core courses not the typical training you have experienced in the past. We do not mass-produce ready-made course content which fit all types of participants. We never teach the same things twice in the same way. The composition of course material, mode of delivery, type of educational tools, the amount of theory and practice, and selection of exercises depends only on the audience.  

To diversify its portfolio, the oil and gas sector needs to develop technical capabilities related to green and renewable energy sources. This requires new technologies, skills, operating models and processes. That is why with our training, we help to develop fit for purpose capabilities which are aligned with the strategy to win the market and better prepare organizations for a low-carbon future. 

Our must-attend health & safety courses will lead your workforce to a healthier and safer environment by protecting them from incidents and accidents, reducing risk of personal injury claims & litigation. This will result in greater productivity, from fewer hours lost due to accidents  & incidents related downtime.