Failure is an option

If success comes from failling, then why does no one tell you precisely what they failed at? 

We always learn about the process that leads to success, but we never break down and analyse the process that resulted in a failure. Yet we all know that success is a result of countless unsuccessful attempts. 

Check the Fortune 500 list and tell me how many of these companies have actually revealed the cases of their mistakes, failures, or canceled projects. And now compare this with the list of their accomplishments and successes. The ratio is striking! 

I really dont understand why other people’s success stories are more available to us when their failures are rather what we should be after. 

The media is full of great stories of people telling us how much they achieved, how happy they are, and how extraordinary their lives are. We are always told about what they did right, never about what they did wrong. 

Only few tell us about their daily struggle, problems, or mistakes they made. No one wants to put a face to a failure. This means that no one is actually telling you how they became successful. No one. 

In our cultures we are programmed at an early age to think that failure is bad. We try to avoid it any any cost. We are rewarded for successes and punished for failures. That prevents us from effectively learning from our missteps. 

At GeoModes we believe that the best way to learn is through committing failures, as often and as many as possible. We provide you with a safe environment to do so. More, we will encourage you to make mistakes. Only this way you will remember every lesson we taught you. 

Join one of our courses and we will show you how powerful can be to learn from your failures. 



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