How to cross over to another industry from the oil & gas

This is an issue that many face at the moment – how to convince other sectors (and the future employer) that your skills are transferable and that you are not limited in your capabilities to just oil & gas.

I was in the same position and I can relate. I managed to do actually 3 “jumps” at the same time – change the industry (1st jump), change the role (2nd jump), and change the geographical location (3rd jump). Each of the “jumps” alone is difficult enough. I was able to do that with a clear strategy as to where I wanted to apply, what skills the chosen company needed at that moment from me, what I should have highlighted in my CV, and how I wanted to present myself.

There are many options for oil & gas professionals to move to other industries but you need to know what you want first, need to be aware of the current global industry trends, and know the companies which grow and hire.

At GeoModes we provide such support for oil & gas professionals who want to change their career and transition to other industries through specific courses and one-to-one sessions. We offer you a one-hour free consulting session to set you up and help you to find the right direction.

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