how we can help you regain job security

The number of oil & gas professionals looking for a job is increasing at an alarming rate. You can pretend that this is just another crisis and everything will get back to where it was before, or you can take things into your own hands and adapt to the new job market.

You are not alone in this situation as more than three-fourths of oil & gas employees report feeling less secure in their jobs compared to a year ago and would consider switching to another line of work in the next few years. 

It is time to move on

When looking for a job you are competing for limited opportunities with other professionals. With the number of traditional jobs decreasing, the current job market is over-saturated. That is why to compete successfully with others and to add value to any future employer you will need to tailor your transferable skills and develop a new set of capabilities that are now in high demand or will be needed in the near future. You need to develop and present to your future employer a skillset that will set you apart from the competition. 

New skillsets in high demand

The new skillsets in high demand are those related to digital transformation, energy transition and which relate to the four industry transformation domains: 

  • Technology

From the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, metaverse, through big data and data lakes, to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the raw potential of emerging technologies is staggering. And while many of these are becoming easier to use, understanding how any particular technology contributes to transformational opportunity, adapting that technology to the specific needs of the business, and integrating it with existing systems is extremely complex. Complicating matters, most companies have enormous technical debt embedded in their legacy technologies that are difficult to change. You can only resolve these issues with people who have technological depth and breadth, and the ability to work hand-in-hand with the business. 

  • Data

The unfortunate reality is that at many companies today, most data is not up to basic standards, and rigours of transformation require much better data quality and analytics. Transformation involves understanding new type of unstructured data, massive quantities of data external to your company, leveraging proprietary data, and integrating everything together, all while shedding enormous quantities of data that have never been used. Professionals with data managements skills will be needed. 

  • Process

Transformation requires an end-to-end mindset, a rethinking of ways to meet customer needs, seamless connection of work activities, and the ability to manage across silos going forward. A process orientation is a natural fit with these needs. But many have found process management – horizontally, across silos, and focused on customers – difficult to reconcile with traditional hierarchical thinking. As a result, this powerful concept must prevail. Without it, transformation is reduced to a series of incremental improvements – important and helpful, but not truly transformative. In building talent in this domain companies will look for the professionals with the ability to aligning silos in the direction of the customer, improving existing processes and design new ones, and a strategic sense to know when incremental process improvement is sufficient and when radical process reengineering is necessary.   

  • Organisational change

In this domain we include leadership, teamwork, courage to take action against main current, emotional intelligence and other elements of change management. Any professional responsible for digital transformation must be well-versed in this area or develop these must-have skills.  

Shortage of digitally savvy professionals

Digital transformation is happening, like it or not, and there is a shortage of digitally savvy professionals in these four domains mentioned above. Because many industries failed to attract digital talent in the past, the lack of such skills might be the main threat to their business continuity. 

As per this trend, companies are now looking at how to run leaner operations with the help of digital transformation as this introduces efficiencies and reduces OPEX, increases productivity by increasing uptime, and minimises GHG emissions. 

This is your chance to retrain and regain your job security as companies are actively seeking professionals to fill these capability gaps. 

Opportunities are out there

When looking for a new job you should decide whether you should keep looking for the opportunities within the industry or start exploring new alternatives. 

If you would like to stay in your current industry, you need to find out exactly what these transformation roles are and where you should apply for them in order to be hired. 

If you are thinking about exploring job opportunities outside of the oil & gas sector, you are probably unsure whether your skills and capabilities are sufficient enough to transition to another industry. Finding out what your transferable skills are will be the first step in this process. 

Finally, in order to be successful in your job search process, you want to find out what additional new skills and capabilities you need to obtain in order to be hired regardless of whether you stay in your current industry or seek some new opportunities elsewhere.  

We are here for you

Regardless of your professional situation, you are in the right place. We are here to help you and guide you through the entire process. The career change and transition plans are well-suited solution to your problems. Apply now and regain your job security.