Repercussions of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on the European gas market

I was invited to TVP World (Polish television broadcasting in English) to discuss the current situation in the European gas market and the repercussions of the Russian invasions in Ukraine.

It was totally different to what I imagined it would be, things happened very quickly, and as it was my first time, I wasn’t even sure when I went live!

I spoke about the creation of a joint venture between Argentina and Spain, a new delivery route of LNG gas to Europe, as well as other alternative gas suppliers for Europe in the face of Russian gas market manipulation. I also described the importance of choosing strategically safe supply routes in the wake of  the decoupling of global gas supply chains. Finally, I could not resist mentioning the idea of returning to Polish and Ukrainian existing shale gas resources and attempting to explore and produce gas which would provide energy security for these two countries for years.

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The full discussion at the TVP World you can watch here: