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our EDUCATIONAL programmes

  • We educate future oil and gas experts and help to attract new talent to the industry.

  • We empower oil and gas professionals to take charge of their careers and prepare them for any future work challenges.

  • We disrupt the traditional teaching and learning processes by making them more enjoyable, accessible and human-centric for everyone.

our EDUCATIONAL programmes

Choose from over 200 technical and management highly interactive courses and workshops, taught by accredited industry experts and practitioners.

The unique experience of our courses for professionals brings theory to life allowing you to acquire more knowledge in a shorter period of time and retain it for longer.  

Whether you are new to a subject or refreshing your knowledge, you will be fully engaged from day one on our intense, interactive and absorbing courses taught by passionate instructors.

Our carefully designed modern learning experience for businesses simulates real –life scenarios making all the nowledge transferred during the course highly applicable and practical.


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our featured courses for educational programmes

our career change & transition plans

  • We support you in your career change within the oil and gas industry or in the transition to other industries.

  • We help you to regain your job security and confidence in your existing transferable skills and capabilities.

  • We guide you through the process of developing your new skills and capabilities which will prepare you for the challenges of the new role

With our basic plan you will learn the essentials of the job search process, verify the options the job market offers and prepared for the career change of your choice. This plan is recommended for those who face the ”one-jump” career change”.

Our most popular and recommended plan. Apart from the essentials, with the pro plan, you will also be able to upgrade your transferable skills and capabilities and prepare for the job application and interviewing process. Recommended for those who face the “two-jumps” career change.

Our expert plan offers highly impactful and extended support of the entire career change process from your transferable skills assessment to the employee selection and interviewing process. This plan is recommended for those who face “three-jumps” career change.


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our exclusive members access

Join our exclusive members community to understand how the current changes in the energy industry impact your professional career and how to best prepare for these changes to ensure your personal and professional growth.