Geomodes potential employer selection session
code: ZZ5
format: Virtual course
duration: 1 day
level: Foundation
accreditation: CPD


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One-to-one 1-hour virtual life session.

This virtual face-to-face session is highly interactive and discussion-based so a stable internet connection and a laptop or computer with a microphone and webcam are required.

In order to maximise the time and benefit of the session please note that the price includes:

  • approximately 1 hr pre-session preparation
  • 1-hour Potential Employer Selection and Interview Preparation session (held virtually)
  • approximately 1 hr post-session home work


The post-session personal assessment report will be provided on the same day.

The objectives of the Potential Employer Selection and Interview Preparation session are as follows:

  1. Understand the Importance of Strategic Employer Selection: Gain insight into the significance of selecting potential employers aligned with your career goals, values, and aspirations.
  2. Enhance Research Skills: Develop effective research strategies to gather comprehensive information about prospective employers, including company culture, values, and recent developments.
  3. Align Career Goals with Employer Opportunities: Identify organizations that offer opportunities for professional growth, development, and fulfillment in your chosen field or industry.
  4. Master Interview Preparation Techniques: Learn how to prepare thoroughly for various stages of the interview process, including crafting compelling resumes, cover letters, and professional profiles.
  5. Refine Interview Skills: Hone your interview skills through mock interviews, feedback, and practice sessions, enabling you to articulate your qualifications and suitability for the role confidently.
  6. Prepare for Common Interview Questions: Understand common interview questions and develop authentic, well-structured responses that highlight your strengths and address potential concerns.
  7. Learn Negotiation Strategies: Acquire negotiation techniques to maximize your compensation package, benefits, and job terms while effectively communicating your value to potential employers.
  8. Master Post-Interview Etiquette: Understand the importance of post-interview etiquette, including sending thank-you notes, following up with hiring managers, and maintaining professional relationships.
  9. Empowerment for Future Career Opportunities: Gain the confidence and skills needed to navigate the competitive job market successfully and secure opportunities aligned with your career aspirations.


These objectives are designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to make informed decisions, stand out during the interview process, and secure opportunities that align with your career goals and aspirations.

In this session, we’ll embark on a comprehensive journey to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the process of selecting potential employers and preparing for interviews effectively. Through a series of structured discussions and interactive activities, you’ll gain valuable insights into strategic employer selection, resume and cover letter crafting, interview preparation, and negotiation techniques.

Let’s dive in:

1.Introduction to Strategic Employer Selection

In this session, you’ll delve into the significance of choosing employers strategically, ensuring they align with your career aspirations and values. We’ll explore how such selection can positively impact your long-term career trajectory and job satisfaction.

2. Research Strategies for Prospective Employers

You’ll learn effective research methods to gather crucial information about potential employers, including insights into their culture, values, and recent developments. This will empower you to make informed decisions about where to apply and ultimately work.

3. Aligning Career Goals with Employer Opportunities

We’ll discuss identifying organizations offering opportunities for growth and development in your desired field. Through interactive activities, you’ll assess how well these opportunities align with your career objectives and personal values.

4. Crafting Compelling Resumes and Cover Letters

This part of the session will focus on tailoring your resume and cover letter to specific job roles. We’ll discuss strategies for highlighting your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements to capture employers’ attention effectively.

5. Honing Interview Skills Through Mock Interviews

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews to practice articulating your qualifications and suitability for roles. Through constructive feedback and guidance, you’ll refine your interview performance and build confidence.

6. Preparing for Common Interview Questions

This segment will provide insights into common interview questions and techniques for crafting well-structured responses. You’ll learn how to effectively communicate your strengths and address potential concerns raised during interviews.

7. Negotiation Techniques for Maximizing Job Offers

We’ll cover negotiation strategies aimed at maximizing your compensation package, benefits, and job terms. You’ll gain valuable skills to advocate for yourself confidently and secure favorable offers.

8. Post-Interview Etiquette and Follow-Up

Following interviews, you’ll learn about essential post-interview etiquette, including sending thank-you notes and following up with hiring managers. These practices will help you leave a positive impression and maintain professional relationships.

9. Empowerment for Future Career Opportunities

Throughout the session, you’ll receive personalized guidance and resources to navigate the job market successfully. You’ll leave feeling empowered and equipped to pursue future career opportunities with confidence.

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Potential Employer Selection and Interview Preparation

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