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Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry

format: Virtual course
duration: 3 days
level: Intermediate
accreditation: CPD




Effective negotiation is at the heart of commercial success. The art of negotiation is just as important for the support team as it is for the up-front negotiator. This course enables delegates to successfully negotiate contracts, deals and disputes while maintaining good relationships with the other party and their advisers. The course covers a variety of effective negotiating skills and styles coupled with a detailed analysis of negotiating techniques. The course also addresses how to negotiate a settlement of a dispute that may arise whilst the contract is in operation. The course gives the opportunity for delegates to test their own skills through the use of interactive methods including case studies, workshops, practical exercises and feedback from the training consultant.

The course is designed for:

  • Executives managing or negotiating agreements
  • Commercial managers
  • Contracts managers and executives
  • Finance managers
  • Sales support team members
  • Purchasing and procurement managers and executives
  • Business development managers
  • Legal professionals
  • Anyone seeking to negotiate the best deal on contracts

Course objectives

  • Recognise the importance of research and planning before any negotiation
  • Identify the tactics commonly employed in negotiations
  • Gain an insight into different negotiation styles
  • Develop their own personal styles of negotiating
  • Ensure that they can identify, manage and turn differences into a commercial advantage

Day 1

 What is negotiation ?

  • Different types of negotiation
  • Underlying tensions
  • Who is negotiating?
  • Why negotiate
  • BATNAs and WATNAs
  • The other parties’ expectations

Overview of negotiation approaches

Streetwise Tactical Ploys

  • How to recognise them
  • How to counter them effectively
  • Why they are outdated

Principled Negotiation

  • Getting to Yes
  • Getting past No
  • What kind of ‘No’ is it?

Psychological Categorisation

  • The art of communication
  • Using neuro-linguistic programming to your advantage


Day 2

Negotiation styles and ethics

  • People
  • Interests
  • Options
  • Criteria

Negotiation strategies

  • Planning a negotiation
  • Desk Research
  • Adopting a win-win approach
  • Consider a no deal solution
  • Aim high
  • Using simple language
  • Ask questions and then listen
  • Build solid relationships
  • Maintain personal integrity
  • Conserve concessions
  • Be patient
  • Being aware of cultural differences

Manipulative ploys

  • How not to be hoodwinked
  • Examples analysed
  • Solutions discussed

Creative problem solving

  • Blue sky thinking
  • Looking for a third way
  • A fresh approach
  • Redefining the problem
  • Looking for overlapping interests


Day 3

Negotiating with difficult people

  • Exploring their BATNAs and WATNAs
  • What lies behind the hostility?
  • Dealing with anger
  • Building bridges
  • Making it hard for them to refuse

Excellent communication

  • The power of non-verbal messages
  • How to interpret body language
  • Vocal quality
  • Verbal communication
  • How to adopt a persuasive style
  • The power of silence – the art of doing nothing

Cultural factors

  • How to research
  • How to prepare
  • Gifts, courtesies and bribes
  • Concepts of time – managing expectations

Negotiating by different methods

  • Successful telephone negotiation
  • Tips for successful meetings
  • Putting your message across by email
  • Negotiating the draft contract
  • The final draft of the agreement
  • Negotiating with head office and your own team

Negotiating out of a dispute

  • Finding a win – win solution
  • Playing devil’s advocate
  • Strategy in the context of a litigation
  • Overcoming power imbalances
  • Preserving the ongoing contract
  • What it takes to close a deal

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Negotiation Skills for the Oil & Gas Industry

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