Geosteer Well on Paper (GWOP) - Methodology and Practicial Application - Workshop GeoModes course
code: F2W2

Geosteer Well on Paper (GWOP) – Methodology and Practicial Application – Workshop

format: Virtual workshop
duration: 2 days
level: Advanced
accreditation: CPD


27/10/2022 9:00 am
European Central Time


This is a 2-day virtual workshop scheduled to run from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm CET (GMT+2) all two days.

The price includes 1 person access for 2 days. Once the course is purchased, a confirmation email with all the course details will be sent (within 24 hrs). If there are no seats left, you will not be able to book the course. 

The virtual face-to-face class is highly interactive and discussion-based so a stable internet connection and a laptop or computer with a microphone and webcam are required.

The instructor will schedule a quick technical walkthrough before the course to check bandwidth and camera setup and to introduce Miro which will be used as canvas for exercises in groups and collaboration during the lectures. You will be able to select a convenient for you time of the technical walkthrough but please remember that the attendance of this short 15-min check up meeting is mandatory. 


We have created an “on-the-job” environment that brings the theory to life.

You will not simply participate in this workshop, but you will be part of it and shape its content with others. You will speak, discuss, observe and make decisions. You have never experienced anything like this before.

This workshop will present the most crucial aspects of well planning which directly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the geosteering process while drilling. These critical matters, often overlooked or omitted during planning, have a significant effect on the process as their negative impact cannot be mitigated or reversed while drilling. Thus, if not considered during the planning stage, they will condemn the well to failure before the geosteering process has even commenced.

The objective of the course is to introduce, understand and apply the concept of Geosteer Well on Paper (GWOP) during which all the required steering activity’s  due diligence takes place. During the workshop, participants will learn how to analyse each aspect of the geosteering process such as drilling string and the BHA, LWD tools,  horizontal trajectory, the set up of geosteering team and the procedures they follow as well as set objectives of a well.

The methodology and practical application   of Geosteer Well On Paper (GWOP) exercise will generate ideas for improving communication, safety, effectiveness and efficiency and overall performance, ultimately resulting in a reduction in costs and time needed as well as more optimal well placement and higher production rates.


The course is designed for:

  • Geosteerers, Operations Geologists, Wellsite Geologists, Operations Petrophysicist, Operations Team Leads
  • Drilling Engineers, Directional Drillers, MWD and LWD specialists, Mudloggers and Data Engineers
  • Students of Petroleum Engineering, Drilling and Geology who aspires to work in the Oil & Gas upstream industry
  • Anyone who aspires to become a member of an operational team that drills deviated and horizontal wells
  • Anyone who would like to understand or improve the understanding of the geosteering science


Module 1. Geosteer Well on Paper (GWOP) overview

  • Introduction to methodology and application
  • Well’s proposals and well’s prognosis content and input into GWOP
  • GWOP participants, their roles and responsibilities


Module 2. Drill string and the BHA input

  • Drill string design
  • Bottom hole assembly design
  • Stabilizers strategy
  • LWD used for geosteeering


Module 3. Subsurface input

  • Geological and drilling well’s objectives
  • Targeted porosity, permeability and hydrocarbon saturations
  • Well’s TD and TD criteria



Module 4. Planned trajectory

  • Survey Spacing Strategy
  • Structural Uncertainty
  • Dogleg severity (DLS) limitations
  • Build-rate and turn-rate
  • Drilling and geological targets
  • Targets definition – size, shape and distribution along the trajectory
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional geosteering


Module 5. Geosteering process

  • Geosteering team – roles and responsibilities
  • Geosteering team – organizational setup and communication setup
  • Communication protocol and trajectory adjustment commands
  • Emergency situation protocol
  • Reporting

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Geosteer Well on Paper (GWOP) – Methodology and Practicial Application – Workshop

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